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We are proud to partner with APEX Limited and Zeitgeist Expressions to extend services provided into the healthcare and vocational fields.


A partnership with APEX Limited allows ZLynx to provide customers with a team of Registered Executive Housekeepers (REH) who rigorously maintain quality systems across our client facilities. Emelio Gonzales, Jr., a Registered Executive Housekeeper certified by the IEHA, brings over 30 years of experience to the team and oversees the housekeeping staff. His expertise includes janitorial, hospital housekeeping and grounds maintenance for residential, commercial, state, and federal government contracts.

With the addition of Patricia E. Adams, LMFT, LPC, NCC, of Zeitgeist Expressions, ZLynx is able to offer medical staffing services, as well as vocational rehabilitation and counseling services to individuals and families. She provides EAP Services and behavioral counseling in areas such as stress management, family therapy, divorce, family crisis and occupational/educational change management.


Special teaming partner arrangements extend our services